Fashion Color Trends for Autumn 2022

These days the temperature is pretty high, but anyway autumn of year 2022 is coming on the way… So which color would be a new trends and lead the market again?

As an alternative choice for regular cold colors like black, white & grey, those bright fresh colors should be on the list for year 2022, so if you have any clothes shopping plan, just wait several more days for the final color! It’s worthful!


When checking the Pantone report which updated months ago, we can see one classic color among the popular colors, which feeling is much more powerful and unique. This color is brightly and warm enough to inspire people’s passion for life, especially during the difficult period of virus quaranteen.


It is ORANGE, an intermediate color between red and yellow. It bring us lovely imagination for golden autumn and harvest happiness! We also call it the Tiger Orange, it is a little flamboyant but not vulgar and full of energy.


It is a bright orange with whimsy, suitable for lighting up the autumn atmosphere, boosting mood, and showing high-quality texture. This color is always perfect for golden autumn, as it brings full of optimistic and positive emotional spirits. It is a whimsical high-visibility orange. And the long autumn and winter need this spirit of strength and courage to support us through the cold to reach the warmth.


Although the orange colors is generally unpopular, you should know that orange is a warmer color than red, the outer layer of the flame, the ripe fruit, the halo of the sun… they all come from such a color family.


Based on above analytics, we strongly believe that the Tiger Orange will be released in the autumn for year 2022, and this trends could last until the summer of 2023. Color experts also said that with the recovery of consumer confidence and the recovery of the economy, driven by people’s needs for healing, exploration and transformation, colors will be more intense, saturated and rejuvenated. No matter what kind of orange in 2022/2023, it will represent our respect for life and our expectation for life.

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