Enjoy Summer with DIY Sun Hat

Wanna go out and enjoy hiking with friends but it’s boiling hot and worry about your face? Never mind, let’s DIY making a sun hat! It would be a great helper for your funny time.


Just prepare a piece of fabric
and fold it in half,
use the chalk pencil to draw a
18 cm diameter circleand cut with scissor,
now you have 2 pieces
circle fabrics with same size.

Cut out a rectangular shape paper
with size 32 * 9 meters,
and make markings on 10cm and 20cm
along the long side.
Cut 1 cm seam on the paper and
paste it to make paper with slight curve.


Follow the paper patterns and cut out fabrics with same shape, then sew them together along its short side.
Next step, let’s prepare for the sun hat’s third part – the hat’s brim! Folde a square fabric 2 times from middle line, now you get a 1/4 square fabric; Use the chalk pencil and measuring tape to mark 9 cm and 20 cm along the side, then draw curve line as the photo shows.


Open the rectangular fabrics and sew them together along the short side. Measuring distance of 2 cm from the edge and make a mark, connect this 2cm point with the 0cm point at another side, now you get a triangle shape.
Sew the short side again and repeat this operation for creating the brim of hat.


Sew together with hat top and surrounding parts, fixd them from inner with pins, cut our unnecessary strips, repeat same operation for another side.


Rolling over the whole fabrics and now you are almost done! Just cut along the hat’s brim and sew fabrics again in 1 cm seam allowance and ironing it again! Also don’t forget to clear all fabric strips for inner parts.


Okay well done!

Enjoy the lovely sun hat!

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