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Kearing envisions a future where affordable but top-quality, durable and reliable design tools can inspire and nurture everyone’s creativity, providing the perfect tools to express themselves, their passion for beauty, their professionalism, or their fervent desire to craft a perfect world their own way.

Here we are so happy to see more and more friends are expressing themselves in a better way with Kearing products, such as the DIY fabric markers, the heat sublimation markers, or the quilting rulers. Either young girls or old women are enjoying DIY drawing funny images on their T shirt, shoes, bags with Kearing colorful pens to express their own ideas/voice to the world, which is so meaningful!

Kearing Permanent DIY Fabric Markers

Once ironed, the permanent fabric pen’s ink won’t fade on most fabrics washed on cycles up to 60°C. Great for drawing on a range of fabrics such as cotton, polyester and nylon. Fantastic for keeping the kids busy, designing your custom T-shirt, caps or tote bags.

permannet DIY fabric marker
DIY fabric marker enjoy 1

Kearing Heat Sublimation Markers

Make sure tracing images liberally and press firmly to ensure a good stamping when transfering onto fabric, mug, glass, wood and other materials. The transferred images is lightfast, waterproof, long-lasting and oxidation resistant.

IRON ON transfer pens
heat sublimation marker enjoy

Kearing Acrylic Quilting Rulers

Laser cut high accuracy measurement / Non-slip acrylic plastic quilting ruler

quilting ruler

KEARING is animated by a unique desire to develop, create and spread first-class fashion design marking, sewing, knitting, quilting tools and patchwork equipment, on a mission to help fashion design lovers and handicraft enthusiasts find their way to professionalism, and every professional designer and artist become their most masterful self. Since 1995 we’ve been leveraging the unequalled quality of our extensive product range to provide domestic and international clients and partners with eco-friendly, durable and easily customizable fashion design tools, offering our 25+ years of expertise and support across our global network of distributors.

Today, as a top-tier international player and provider of entirely original and professionally reliable fashion design equipment, KEARING keeps expanding its loyal audience of customers through affordable but top-quality, durable and trustworthy design tools specifically designed to inspire and nurture our customers’ creativity, and provide them with the perfect way to express themselves while reaching unprecedented levels of professionalism!

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