Tailor Chalk

Chalk Pencil with erasing brush

Tailor Chalk Pencil

Tailor Chalk Disappear Pens for Dressmaking

# Auto Vanishing version ( scratches disappear gradually within 5 days )

# IRON-ON Vanishing version ( scratches only disappear by HOT IRONING )

Unique pushing design allows to adjust wax strip in length. The back cover can be opened

for replacement of wax strip. Hand-held pen shell makes it more simple to draws lines.

The wax refill is non-toxic, pollution-free, refill color is beige, refill length can be adjusted,

the drawing lines are evenly and clearly. Pen shell protects wax strip from being easily damaged.

It's sensible of you to push back wax strip for convenient storage.
Widely used in clothing, cloth, leather, shoes, paper, and other industrial processing production marking.