Skin Marker

Professional use for radiology research and doctor use, to mark on patients skin before surgical disease treatment! Ink based on gentian violet, non toxic and nonirritant!
Disinfected by gamma ray, with sterile hermetic package bag for each marker!
1.Clean and dry the skin before treatment
2.Use lodine to disinfect the skin and fix markings
3.Use the dilute acid alcohol to remove the markings
4.Do not use if sterile package bag is opened, damaged or wet
5.Do not use one same marker on different patients to avoid possible infection
6.Please test before use on the patients who are sensitive to gentian violet
7.Keep stock in cool, open and dry conditions, away from corrosive gas
8.Temperature: ≤40℃ ; Humidity: 30 - 80%

Sterile Skin Marker for medical beauty & cosmetic temporary marking on face

White markings Easily Wash-Off !


DIY tattoo drawing on body skin, colorful tattoo can stay for a long time until scrub it by several times. The color of tattoo will also faded gradually due to body sweat.
Non toxic water based ink, conform to USA & Europe quality standard,
Colorful inks available such as black or brown, a great tool for temporary body painting!

12 colors: Black, Brown, Red, Henna, Blue, Purple, Green, Cherry, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Dark Blue.