Enterprise Vision

Lead development of China’s specialized industry, to be Pacemaker of Global marketing.
To achieve the goal, we are making concerted efforts, committing unremitting self-improvement.


Our Mission
Providing the best quality products and services for people who need us all around the world !

Quality Commitment
Any quality problem within 2 years, accept return or replacement unconditionally!

We are committed to every step and process during products making
We care about clients feeling of convenience and safe with Kearing products
We provide service for every demand from customers with a smile
We take good care of our earth’s environment in the process of production


Core value

Refine on: Work out every detail as more than satisfiable, seek for professional and perfection. 
Integrity& Sincerity: We honestly engaged in the work, keep the promise. We stick to our belief,

be impartial, act with courage and determination.
Customer:Our customer service center, happily and sincerely care customer’s care,

urgent customer's urgent needs, meet customer needs.
Teamwork: Fully developed as individuals, extraordinary as a crew.


Since Kearing be established, we have been marched forward for more than 20 years.

Striving to be pacemaker with extraordinary perseverance, seeking self - positioning diligently when get deep into the global segment market. Insist on own branded and quality products, keen to innovation and inherit the model of industry. It is not day's work for towering trees, we believe honesty and diligent can always be rewarded and Kearing is waiting for you to create a better future together!  

Enjoy working in the office, with a comfortable environment!

Company arranges training activities every month, guided by senior experts in this industry!

Party Time, let's singing, let's dancing, enjoy it!! We are young and passionately!

Kearing's Annual Party - No Email & WhatsApp at this moment, Just Relax and Enjoy it !

Basketball, Tug of War and many other competition events during the sports meeting!

Out for traveling, Drifting in Summer, Hot Spring in Winter ;

Sanqing mountain in Jiangxi province, Huangshan of Anhui ...


One Person Can Walk Very Fast, But a Team Can Walk Much Further!