Wonderful Sports Competition

The double eleventh day came on Saturday. When everyone focus on the

choice of products they preferring, we were fighting in our own way.


It was a sunny and comfortable day, but there was a real buzz about the sports ground.

Firstly we took a picture of the group when all the members of our company arrived, Then we went to the second floor of the gym.


As the host announced the word and the cheer-leading performances, we all clapped and celebrated the Games officially opened!


The first competition to be held was the sprint, it need to play the athlete’s maximum speed potential.


Excepts the Sprint, such a intense game, we also attended the group games such as rope skipping.

Our boss Jason were leading the charge! 


There was even a tug-of-war, which was also tied to the rope.

Look at their posture, everyone pitched at an angle of 45 degrees. Even if our opponents has great strength, we could not be defeated 


As time went by, the sports meeting was coming to the end.