A beautiful City- Xiamen-3rd Day

The third day (11th,Dec.) is a sun shine day with little wind , our Kearing Team travel still going.

On the way to our first stop, we are so exciting to find the Tranditional competition Item Dragon Boat Race.
The beautiful dragon boats are lying the the rever waiting for next exciting time during new year.

Our spirite ancestors created a great monuments  to commemorated our hero of Tan Keh Kee , our National Hero.

The second stop is  Sharper Tail. Early Xiamen Port is a crescent-shaped curved bay, Surrounded with a golden beach , it is also reputated as“Jade Sharp

The autumn river shares a scenic hue with the vast sky;
The evening glow parallels with a lonely duck to fly.

A riding competition is also an entertainment show.

The last last but our  most favorit stop is Zhongshan Street.
Here fulled with kinds of delicous sea foods, nice drinks, and kinds of snake

Happy time always flies speedly. It‘s time to back.


We will remember the nice trip, remember the nice City- Xiamen.