A beautiful City- Xiamen

         Our travel is still going on. The second day(10th Dec), we went to Gulangyu island. This place is one of the most famous attractions in China. So anyone who travels to Xiamen will go to Gulangyu Island.

        Gulangyu is an island separated from Xiamen city proper. It's like a garden on the water. The shade of the trees covers nearly the whole island. Cars, buses, bikes are not allowed to drive there. Everyone should walk. This makes the place very quiet so that music played by the violin or the piano can be heard here and there. It is the famous "Home of Music".

     The Sunshine Rock is the highest place on the island, so it has become the symbol of Gulangyu. Standing at the top of the Sunshine Rock, one can see the landscape of the whole Xiamen ands other small islands. The sky and the sea meet on the horizon. It's said that people can see clearly the Jinmen Island through telescope when the sun is shining. There are gentle waves on the sea and lots of people are swimming.At the foot of the Sunshine Rock is Shuzhang Garden with its picturesque scenery. The Forty-four Bridge spans over the water like a white dragon. What a beautiful picture!