Navigation Equipment

Short Chart Ruler, CSR-1

Pilot Scale Ruler, CSR-4

Navigation Compass, NC500

Azimuth Fixed Plotter, CFP-1

Fixed Plotter, CFP-2

Kneeboard, IFR

Navigation Plotter, CNP-1

Circular Protractor, CSP-CIRC

Scale Ruler 16inch, CSR-2

Military Template, 8353

Military Protractor, 6 inch

Plastic Flight Computer, E6B

Circular Flight Computer, E6B-R

Metal Flight Computer, E6B-M

Rotating Azimuth Plotter, CRP-1

Plastic Flight Computer, E6B-P5

Enroute Plotter, CEP-1

Square Protractor, CSP-2

Scale Ruler 16inch, CSR-3

Navigation Plotter, CNP-3

Military Template, 8356

Military Protractor, MP-2

Square Plotter, CSP-1

Navigation Plotter, CNP-2

Square Protractor, CSP-3

Rotating Plotter, CRP-2

Kneeboard, VFR

Enroute Plotter, CEP-2

Square Protractor, CSP-5

Micro Fixed Plotter, CFP-3

Micro Fixed Plotter, CFP-4

Military Compass MC-1

Military Protractor, 9 inch

As a leading brand in China,Kearing is also a gold supplier for global market especially fpr USA and Europe in this Aviation & Military Ruler area. We are mainly focus on R & D and producing various of Special ruler

tools,have good cooperation relationship with many domestic universities and military institutions.Kearing

flight computers are also being used by U.S.Army via third party vendor!

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