Sewing Supplies

Approx 3.5” × 2.25” Stainless Steel Proper size for easy application
20cm measuring length Full plastic material, easy-to-use Use for curve line size measuring
8.5cm side length. Lightweight square pincushion.
Perfect tool to grad and store needles and pins.
Size: 19*16mm (0.75*0.62in)
10 pcs/lot for sale.
10 pcs/lot for sale.
Knotted and metal clamped. Hardended steel hook. Approx 25cm / 10” length. 12 pcs per pack; 144 pcs per box; 864 pcs per carton.
Large size approx. 9.0 cm (without cover)
Length approx. 11.2 cm (without cover)
Length approx. 13.2 cm (without cover)

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