Hero Products

6.5 × 6.5 INCH square ruler 3mm thickness clear acrylic plastic material Use with a rotary cutter for cutting strips, etc.
1.2mm thickness Flexible plastic grading ruler Lightweight, clear ruler with grid patterns in metric 50cm length, Easy-to-use
French curve set of 3 Packaged in protective vinyl case Inking edge on both sides Ideal for drawing elipses & irregular curves
Global Exclusive Patented Products! Durable resin plastic, long time quality guarantee.
2.0mm bold tip Easy-to-Use for DIY crafts.
1.2mm thick flexible plastic Sandwich line printings never rub off 76cm curve line size & 41cm straight ruler size Curve for Neckline, Armhole, Sleeve cap, Hipline & Waistline Grading Rule & Seamallowance guide Use for sewing, quilting, crafting project
15cm length skin marker Dual tip white color with ruler Sterile hermetic bag
Perfect for temporary marking in sewing, quilting, embroidery or craft projects.

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