7 Best Pose Resources for Drawing in 2021 (Unleash the Figure Artist in You)

7 Free Pose Resources 1

All artists want to become masters. But from time to time, an artist who isn’t quite there yet will be struggling with having to come up with perfect poses. History shows that even the best of them, such as da Vinci and Michelangelo, required real models to render their masterpieces. Drawing realistic figures is a necessary skill an artist can’t simply brush off!

I have to admit that back in the day, during my university years, drawing figures were the most challenging part. Landscapes and still life are something you can invent from the top of your head, but drawing figures requires you to practice hours to get correct poses!

Fortunately, you can speed up your learning with pose resources available online. You don’t have to hire a real model or nag your friend to pose for you. Plus, you can access these resources anytime, anywhere. The following are top X free pose resources that are pretty awesome!

Gain access to poses and crush your sketchbook now!


7 Free Pose Resources 1

Proko is a website chock-full of free demos that help you understand how their paid versions will be like (https://www.proko.com/art-model-poses-for-artists). Aside from the poses they have online, courses are also available. Their figures utilize flesh and blood models of different body types. You can select from numerous packages, each of which contains hundreds of poses. Examples of the packages are the following:

  • Sekai female model- 639 photos
  • Anthony male model- 377 photos
  • Marcia female model- 226 photos


You can also access Proko on YouTube, where he regularly conducts free sketching tutorials. You will learn numerous things such as perspective and speed sketching. If you have five minutes to spare, it’s worthwhile to visit the YouTube channel and follow Proko’s artistic journey.

Paid version features

Most of their figure models are adult nude models, and they do not have clothed/ costumed figure models or models of other ages.

Line of Action

This fantastic site comes with a limited free experience (https://line-of-action.com/practice-tools/figure-drawing). On their practice tools page, you can choose what kind of figure you want to draw. Selections are the following:

  • Figure drawing
  • Animal drawing
  • Hands and feet drawing.
  • Faces and expressions
  • Scenes and environment drawing with action figures

After you have selected the above, you are required to set the interval or how long your sketching session will be. After this, you can click the okay button, and you’re presented with several random photos that serve as your reference. It is an excellent tool for newbie artists who are looking for daily challenges. The surprise element helps you draw away from your comfort zone, presents something fresh, and allows your creative juices to flow.

Paid version features

Line of action has a paid version, which includes clothing figures and nude figures, and models of all ages and sizes. Yes, including plus-size models! I always wanted to draw a hefty Juno character, and now I can with these models. It also features figures from different perspectives, such as foreshortening and group pictures reminiscent of classical studio poses.

Quick Poses

7 Free Pose Resources 2

Quick Poses is an excellent app that is very much similar to Line of Action (https://quickposes.com/en/gestures/random). However, I find that the previous website has a more user-friendly interface. But Quick Poses has the upside of having more options. It even allows you to have a picture turned upside down for more versatility. Plus, you can have a nude or non-nude model to narrow down your choices depending on your artistic inclination for the day. The following are some of the options available for the free version of Quick Pro:

  • Clothed
  • Nude and partially nude
  • Face hands and feet
  • Animals
  • Landscapes
  • Urban
  • Costumes

QP certificate– another neat feature you can get from the website is a free gesture drawing certificate. Input the time you practice drawing, and after you have completed certain hours, you can have access to a certificate that certifies that you are a top-level artist.

Paid version features

In case you want to get the full Quick Pro experience, there are numerous things you can do within this community. You get access to tutorials and competitions, which help level up your artistic ability. Quick Pro, however, isn’t a straightforward paid site. Instead, they have what they call a $15 donation to support the website. Quick Pro also actively advertises that they support other OS such as Linux Mac.

Sketch Daily

This website is incredible for occasional doodlers and artists looking for fresh daily challenges (http://reference.sketchdaily.net/en). It has the same user-friendly interface as Line of Action. Once you link to Sketch Daily immediately, you get hassle-free access to their poses reference database. It also has more options than the other websites mentioned.

Without a doubt, if you are an artist searching for something new every day to sketch, this website is sure to be an addiction. Some examples of options to draw are the following:

  • Male and female
  • Clothed and unclothed figure
  • Animals with species selection
  • Structures
  • Vegetations with sub selections

Time interval: Similar to Line of Action, you have the option to select how long the image will flash on the screen. You can pause it if you want to have long sessions for more detailed drawings, or you can set the timer if you want an extra challenge and only want to make quick guest sketches.

Paid version features

Similar to Quick Pro, Sketch Daily only asks for a small donation to keep the site afloat. The smallest amount you can donate is $3.

Croquis Café

7 Free Pose Resources 3

Croquis Café is a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/onairvideo/videos). You’ll probably enjoy the fact that you have a mentor conducting lessons online. YouTube lessons are free. Currently, they have over 300,000 subscribers.

However, they have since switched to Vimeo, but several of their resources are still available on YouTube. You can access their live models for 20 minutes, depending on the length of the video. The YouTube channel helps you access the different offerings of Croquis Café, and links lead you to their other social media platforms such as Instagram.

On the downside, nude models will have censor patches since YouTube is an age-restricted site.

Full experience

Croquis Café is not a paid side; instead, you can give donations via Patreon. You can also involve yourself in the vibrant croaky Café community by submitting your artwork.

Character Design

7 Free Pose Resources 4

This website is real eye candy for serious artists of all genres since it features high-quality images. They have unique poses that you can utilize for all kinds of artwork, including gaming and RPG, since some models wear cosplay style attire (https://www.characterdesigns.com/photoset-022-ashley-yuuko-cosplay).

There is also an intense blend of highlights and tones, which can help an artist create an artwork’s mood and lighting.

It includes options not found anywhere, such as the following:

  • Martial arts action poses.
  • Asian models
  • Monsters
  • Louvre’s sculpture collection
  • Gore

Requires You to Follow the Creative Commons License TOR

Images on the website are high-quality and free, but the owner requires you to follow the creative Commons license. You can utilize your artwork from their website digitally and traditionally, but you need to link back or attribute your work to the website. Using these images for demos in classes is also totally fine.

Senshi Stock Sketch

This is a web-based application that presents you with random images (http://www.senshistock.com/sketch/). You can pause and play the image and immediately go to the next. You can delay the time up to 30 minutes. The great thing about Sensory Stock Sketch is you can use the images directly in the popular DeviantArt platform.

It is an awesome application, especially if you are an active member of this art community.

Paid version features

Senshi Stock Sketch doesn’t have a paid membership; instead, it offers packed images that you cannot find elsewhere. They have a saint and sinner romance pack, which is unique!

They also have group packs, which are challenging to come across, although some websites mentioned here also offer them. They also have a facial expression pack, which has a total of 133 images.

A Note About How the Human Eye Sees

Much about the frustration of rendering art accurately on paper is rooted in how the human eye sees. Instead of perceiving the whole or the gestalt, the human eye flicks from area to area of an image to memorize the parts and create an impression.

This pattern is referred to as saccades. As you expose yourself to daily sketches, you learn to build relationships between contours and elements, helping with your accuracy. Without a doubt, accuracy is one of the most powerful skills an artist can develop.

Although there are numerous ways to trace faces digitally, there is no beating traditionally trained artists who can make a carbon copy image of someone’s face and figure!

Final Thoughts

Artists with monster skills didn’t reach the top without tons of practice. However, if you are a true-blue lover of the arts, you will enjoy daily routines that make your skills razor-sharp. Becoming a master is effortless, especially in this digital age where you have access to numerous images that help kickstart your rockin’ art journey!

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