Best French Curve Rulers for Sewing & Pattern Making

What is the French Curve?

French curves are templates having an edge composed of several different curves which made by plastic or wood. French curves are used in drafting to draw smooth curves of almost any desired curvature in mechanical drawings. The french curve ruler is used in sewing, fashion design and pattern making, they are used to make sewing patterns and to adapt existing curved lines on patterns such as armhole.

Do I need a French Curve Ruler?

If you are going to start fashion design or pattern making by yourself, the french curve ruler is a must to have tool for you. French curve tools are perfect for using to grade patterns, change necklines and armholes curves, etc.

What is the difference of Flexible Curve and French Curve?

Both of them are used to draw curve lines, the Flexible Curve can be formed into almost any curve as it is flexible, it is useful as they are simply shaped to form the desired curve. French Curves are always packed in sets of three or four, they are used to draw curves by finding the section of curve that matches the desired shape on the profile of the curve. Some French Curves also have either circles or ellipses of various sizes cut out.


Which French curve is best?

Kearing Vary Form Curve Ruler

The Kearing vary form curve rulers are made of aluminum material from aircraft wings, they are with smooth curved lines and will never broken or off in the way when drawing lines. Flexible, durable and never shape change. 1.5mm thickness, always used for lapel, elbow, skirt, slack, trouser or anywhere a special contour is needed. It is one of the most used measuring tools for pattern makers and designers, and also my favourite curve ruler for sewing. Either metric or imperial version available!


Kearing French Curve Ruler

3 Rulers in 1: french curve, hip curve, straight ruler
30” curve line size & 16” straight ruler size ( Imperial version )
Curve for Neckline, Armhole, Sleeve cap, Hipline & Waistline
This French curve ruler has a wonderful curved head that can be used to assist the drawing of armholes, hiplines and crotch lines. It also has curved guidelines and a grading grid. This handy ruler is a necessity to any pattern maker.
Easily use this multi-purpose ruler to draft, design and alter patterns or any time curved or straight edge is needed.


Kearing Styling Design Ruler

4 Rulers in 1: french curve, hip curve, straight ruler and cut-out slots.
29” curve line size & 16” straight ruler size ( Imperial version )
Perfect for your DIY style and cut garments with high accuracy, help you create apparels like a skilled designer.
Easily use this styling design ruler to draft, design and alter patterns or any time curved or straight edge is needed.


French Curve Ruler Set


What Does Kearing Do?

KEARING is animated by a unique desire to develop, create and spread first-class fashion design marking, sewing, knitting, quilting tools and patchwork equipment, on a mission to help fashion design lovers and handicraft enthusiasts find their way to professionalism, and every professional designer and artist become their most masterful self. Since 1995 we’ve been leveraging the unequalled quality of our extensive product range to provide domestic and international clients and partners with eco-friendly, durable and easily customizable fashion design tools, offering our 25+ years of expertise and support across our global network of distributors.

Today, as a top-tier international player and provider of entirely original and professionally reliable fashion design equipment, KEARING keeps expanding its loyal audience of customers through affordable but top-quality, durable and trustworthy design tools specifically designed to inspire and nurture our customers’ creativity, and provide them with the perfect way to express themselves while reaching unprecedented levels of professionalism.

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