Best Erasable Pens for Sewing

Kearing Air Erasable Pen

Perfect for temporary marking in sewing, quilting, embroidery or craft projects, markings will auto vanishing after a period of time, also can be erased immediately by Kearing Eraser Marker, or wash off.

air erasable pen

Kearing Water Erasable Pen

Perfect for temporary marking in sewing, quilting, embroidery or craft projects,  markings will not auto vanishing by self, but can be erased immediately by water. Water based ink ( non toxic ) with 2 years quality guarantee time, conform to ASTM-D4236 & EN71 standards.

water erasable pen

Kearing Heat Erasable Pen

White marking pen

White color markings will disappear when washing or ironing. 

HW10 white marking pen

Cut Free Invisible Pencil

You can easily pull thread upward to cut the outside wrapping, peeling the wrapping grid by grid, showing different pencil length according to personal habits.White color markings will instantly disappear by high temperature hot ironing.


Kearing Tailors Making Pencil

This dressmaking chalk pencil is suitable for surface marking of cloth, fabric, paper, glass, timber, plastic, garment leather, cotton and so on, ideal for home or shop sewing and tailoring work. It is a hand-held marking pencils, which won’t stain your hands, easily leave sewing marks on the fabric, to help you make your sewing work more effectively. There are also pencil covers design for protecting the pen tip from breaking easily.

Water soluble pencil

– Colorful markings can be erased with water easily and quickly

Chalk marking pencil

– Colorful markings can be slapped off easily and quickly, NOT erasable.

water soluble pencil 2

Tips for Choosing the Best Fabric Marker :

Excellent Ink Quality

Quality is always the most important thing we are considering when buying an erasable pen for our sewing quilting projects. It would be terrible if the marking pens ink dry quickly or couldn’t write out smoothly in a line on the fabric. The feeling is either not good if it ends up having broken lines on the fabric during needlework or embroidery. So we are definitely looking forward to get the best erasable pen all the time to fill all the necessary guiding lines we need.

Sufficient Ink Amount

If the ink quality is excellent, another thing we must consider is the ink amount. Nobody like the pen’s ink runs out shortly after only a few embroidery sessions. Kearing erasable pen’s writing length is at least 300 meters, and with 2 years shelf life guarantee! It can support you for many sewing, quilting & crafting projects in a long time.


Most fabric markers we are using should be erasable, either by air, water or heat ironing. If they cannot be erased smoothly, then you will have serious problems by the end of your project. Make sure that the fabric marker you will choose is erasable so that you will not have to face this problem in the future. Kearing has over 20 years experience as an expert producing and selling the air erasable pens, water erasable pens, heat erasable pens, etc. Our global customers are satisfied with Kearing products all the time, it never be a problem for them to use with Kearing erasable pens! It can also be a smart choice for you!


It is never an easy thing to choose a suitable fabric marker, most people have to spend time and test many times for getting a perfect one. Here you can leave this task to Kearing company, Kearing is a brand manufacturer for fabric marker, fashion design ruler and sew supplies with over 25 years history. Always doing the best to create the most comprehensive, accurate and durable tools for everyone as a market leader. Kearing is also your solution to make initial idea into reality, our team is professional and experienced in manufacturing and getting things done in China, we work closely with you to understand your demands and expectations to develop solution that address the complex challenges in kinds of projects. Focus on every step during our cooperation including design, production, quality control, lead time and after sales service. 

We devote ourselves to create a Worry-Free experience for all of you.

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