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Hello every quilting enthusiasts, here we like to show you the funny process to make this beautiful quilt – it’s quite easy to do and meaningful. You can spend time with parents or kids to work together for this lovely quilting project and we truely believe it would be valuable and memorable! Okay here let’s start:


Prepare 1 pack of 10” square print fabric & background white fabric


Also don’t forget the Kearing patchwork quilting ruler, rotary cutter, and cutting mat

quilting ruler cut mat

CUT – 10” square fabric into four 5” small square fabric


Put on three 2.5” background square fabrics


SNOWBALL – corner to corner


CUT it with Kearing rotary cutter on the cutting mat


OPEN and press with heat ironing


Layout blocks, sew them together


NOW it’s the time to show your love to parents and kids! Enjoy ~

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