Atop the Snow Kissed Heights

In October 2023, Jason Zhao, the intrepid explorer, set out on an extraordinary journey to Mt. Tai, a peak of the Gongga Mountains. Perched at an elevation of 6,410 meters above sea level, this iconic peak is celebrated for its breathtaking natural beauty and its reputation as one of the 6,000-meter snow mountains.

Jason's journy begins

Journey On - Kearing and Jason

Jason Zhao, both the leader of Kearing and an adventurer with an insatiable love for the great outdoors, has been the driving force behind Kearing’s success. Jason’s outdoor adventures serve as an inspiration and a living testament to the values that Kearing upholds. With each mountain climb, he demonstrates the determination and tenacity that define the very essence of Kearing.
Jason and Kearing

The Ascent

Ascending Mt. Tai is not simply a physical challenge; it is a test of mental fortitude. Climbers face steep inclines and snow-covered paths, relying on specialized equipment like ice axes, ascenders, descenders, and climbing ropes for safety.

Nature's Bounty

Reaching the pinnacle of Mt. Tai is an enjoyable experience. The summit’s magnificence is revealed through stunning sunrises, mesmerizing sunsets, and an enchanting sea of clouds. These moments, amidst nature’s grandeur, bestow a profound sense of fulfillment.
nature's bounty on the top of mountain

Kearing - Our Unwavering Expedition

Just as Jason’s passion for climbing mountains, Kearing’s journey is marked by resilience and excellence. What began in a remote Chinese village has evolved into a global entity recognized for its unwavering commitment to quality and trust. The spirit of Kearing mirrors Jason’s determination in every aspect of our brand.
In a world filled with challenges, both in business and amid the mountains, Jason Zhao and Kearing stand as symbols of determination, dedication, and resilience. They remind us that the most rewarding journeys are often the most demanding. Are you ready to embark on this remarkable odyssey with Jason and Kearing?

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