Air Erasable Marker

Temporary marking on sew fabric, handicraft and cross stitch, etc…

2 – 14 days auto vanishing time for violet color, 1 – 7 days for pink color!

The accurate disappearing time depends on fabric material and surrounding temperatures, humidity.

Water based ink ( non toxic ) with 2 years quality guarantee time, conform to ASTM & EN71 standard.

Kearing can adjust ink formula to shorten or extend disappearing time per client’s requirement.

So Kearing is your best choice even if you need markings disappear within 2 hours! We Help U !

0.5MM metal tip also available for violet and pink colors.

Dual tips Air Erasable Pen

Air Erasable Pen with Eraser

violet and pink color markings can be immediately erased by water or eraser marker

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