7 Tools for Sewing Beginners

Hey every sewing beginners and enthusiasts, this blog we like to recommend you some small tools which could be useful for you to start the journey in sewing & fashion design. Kearing envisions a future where affordable but top-quality, durable and reliable design tools can inspire and nurture everyone’s creativity, providing the perfect tools to express themselves, their passion for beauty, their professionalism, or their fervent desire to craft a perfect world their own way. OK let’s see the details:

Pin Cushion – Economy Style

The pin cushion is ideal for holding sewing pins and needles, it provides a safe place to store pins and needles, and free your hands confortly. Needle pin cushion with wooden bottom base sewing needle holder DIY crafts tool. This is a perfect tool for sewing, quilting and crafting.

PC W536

Tape Maker Set TM-5S

It is a simple and easy to use tape maker set that folds fabric into perfect halves automatically. One set of 5 sizes: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, 25mm. It’s fast, economical and perfectly coordinated to make any fabric into an accent, border or trim. Pull the fabric through and iron, folds it perfectly, reading for sewing on or quilting. Your creation will look professional with clean finished product from homemade napkins, handbag, bibs and etc.

TM 5S3

Sewing Clips SC50

These sewing clips made of high quality PS plastic, eco-friendly and non-toxic. Equipped with qualified spring rate to ensure hundreds of times using. Each sewing clips opens wide to hold layers of fabric and the clip base is flat for easy feeding to the presser foot. These sewing clips and craft clips are perfect for all sorts of crafts, sewings and hobbies, meet multiple needs for sewing quilts, binding papers, crafting, crochet and knitting hand craft work.

CLP50 536

Thread Cutter Ring TCR10

The thread cutter ring is made of high quality plastic, and the built-in knife is made of stainless steel, durable and multifunctional. The built-in blade can help you easy to cut the line, also can be the decoration in your finger. It is suitable for a variety of processes including sewing, jewelry making, quilting, knitting and cross stitch.

TCR10 536

Superior Dentate Tracer DT10-S

Perfect sewing tool for leather, paper, cloth, craft and sewing. Wood handle and steel overstitch wheel is convenient for using. For marking lightweight, delicate & pile fabrics, easy to bring.

DT10 S 1 3

Sewing Finger Thimble

Kearing sewing thimble is made of copper, durable and sturdy, not easy to rust or break. It has a lot of dents on the surface, a great sewing tool keeps needles from slipping, adjustable open sided thimble fits your finger comfortably and designed with an open top to keep your finger from perspiring.

Kearing's thimble_THB20

2022 New Arrival – Wrist Magnetic Pin Cushion

Magnetic wrist pin holder, easy and convenient to pick up pins. Its powerful magnet sweeps up pins & needles from a distance and aligns them into an organized pile. Easy to grab a pin or to drop one back onto the magnetic base, its center groove makes picking up pins easily. Ideal for sewing, quilting and crafting.


What Does Kearing Do ?

KEARING is animated by a unique desire to develop, create and spread first-class fashion design marking, sewing, knitting, quilting tools and patchwork equipment, on a mission to help fashion design lovers and handicraft enthusiasts find their way to professionalism, and every professional designer and artist become their most masterful self. Since 1995 we’ve been leveraging the unequalled quality of our extensive product range to provide domestic and international clients and partners with eco-friendly, durable and easily customizable fashion design tools, offering our 25+ years of expertise and support across our global network of distributors.

Today, as a top-tier international player and provider of entirely original and professionally reliable fashion design equipment, KEARING keeps expanding its loyal audience of customers through affordable but top-quality, durable and trustworthy design tools specifically designed to inspire and nurture our customers’ creativity, and provide them with the perfect way to express themselves while reaching unprecedented levels of professionalism.

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