5 Tips for Sewing with Kids

For we sewing enthusiatics, it is always a great thing to share our sewing joy and fun with kids. Sometimes maybe we have to wait until our kids grow up or at least old enough to use scissor and needles, and then teach them how to sew a project by themselves. But it never be a bad thing to teach our kids some basic skills even if they are still a child, it is enjoyable and meaningful to let them know how to sew their dream by own hands.

So what is a good age for kids to learn how to sew? Our experience would be as early as age 3, actually you either could not stop or scare them off from learning to sew, which comes from their natural urge. The only and primary concern for you is taking good care of your kids during the process of sewing learning, try to follow below safety tips and find ways to lead kids with a better experience.

Teach kids learn to watch and be patient

Before any hands-on experience, it is much more important teach your kid learn to watch. Just like the students study in classroom, speak is never the key for successful communication, listen is. Students must learn to listen to the teachers carefully before asking any questions, by the way, learning to be a good listener doesn’t mean keep silent all the time, so it is never an easy work for you to teach kids how to ask questions at the right time and be patient in a proper way.

When kids sew with a sewing machine, it is always so easily to hurt themselves without adults’ guidings. It is do necessary ask them to watch how are you using the sewing machine and tell them what they can do and what they can not do, what types mistakes every sewers could make frequently and how to correct them, kids are clever and also good at learning new skills.

Choose a sewing machine suitable for kids

Sewing machine is a must to have tool for every one who loves sewing, quilting or crafting. So it is never too early to recommend a sewing machine to your kids even if they are only 5 or 6 years old. The sewing machine for kids is simple and easy to operate, there is no necessary to teach kids everything about the sewing machine’s feature and functions, just tell them basic knowledge like how to use the presser foot and what is the bobbin, how to control speed with pedal, and what is the seam allowance, etc.
Further more, remind kids to keep their fingers away from the needle all the time.

Highlight the danger zone

Not every area in the sewing roon or operation table is suitable for the kids, so it is also important to mark or tape out the danger zone. Kids shouldn’t touch or enter the danger zone without parents permission, just like the sewing notion case, throat plate, needle box, sewing machine table, etc.

sewing with child

Make rules for using tailor scissors

Tailor scissor is the most frequently used sewing tools for all sew enthusiastics, while it is also one of the most dangerous tools in the sewing room. Many kids were being injured or cut carelessly during sewing process or just running in the room, so we have to give them clear and short rules to follow to protect themselves.

For example – we might make rules like ” NO RUNNING”, ”Only Use Scissor on a Table”, or ” Hold Blade in Hand During Walking”, etc.

Store Needles & Pins properly

Prepare magnet and pin cushions all the time and remind kids to store needles and pins properly. Tell them to stop work immediately and pickup the needles once it drops on the ground, teach them how to find and pick up small sewing notions with the magnet. Nothing is more important than this.

One sentence as conclusion, safety should be the priority when sewing with kids! But as long as we can be carefully and follow above tips, it must be a funny and meaningful thing to enjoy, do you think so?

Sewing with children
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