5 Reasons to Shop local shops

When we consider to buy new quilting tools, it seems more and more young people are relying on amazon or ebay, and surely these type online platforms are conveniently and easy to buy almost everything we need. There is no necessary to go out and we even don’t need to leave the living room chair, the products will arrive within 1 – 2 days, and all we need to do is maybe just say thank you to the courier man.

Yes actually we should agree and accept this new shopping style, but even so, I think we still have enough reasons to shop local quilt shops, let’s see the WHY!

1. Professional service in Quilt Shops

When talk to the ladies in quilt shop, you can feel their professional service face to face, which surely can not be given through the internet. They are familiar with all types quilting tools and fabric they are selling, and also acting as an expert in quilting, so should you have any questions or problems with quilts selecting, they could be your solution at any time. You can surely trust the person who stay and breath the quilts every day.

2. Test new items ON-SITE

Off-line experience is definitely much better than reviewing pictures on webshop, especially for new arrival items in the quilting shop. It is a good opportunity to test new tools by ourselves, and we can also ask the quilt shop employees help explain how to use it. It is a good way to expand the knowlege and improve skills, and we can also bring them home immediately after paying.

3. Investment for local community

It sounds interesting but it is ture… when we shop local quilt shops, the tax is belongs to the local area, which can also be regarded as our personal investment for the local community and neighborhood. It is a healthy way help improve the local economy with your support, perhaps a new job position… so let’s shop locally, ha!

quilting with kids

4. Meet friends with same habbits

There are always countless topics for ladies who have the same habbits such as quilting, so it is definitely an amazing thing to meet each in the quilting shop. Many quilt shops should have the ability to host group activities and classes frequently, you can study new skills and communicate with friends not only use online facebook or whatsapp, but also meet each other off-line in the class or quilt shop. Whats more, ladies who love quilting are always the best, it is a great experience to join them and see their friendly smiles and happy environment!

5. Never need to wait

If you are an impatient person, shopping local quilt shops is a great choice! You can bring all items back home right now and start your quilt work the same day after shopping, while it needs at least 2~3 days waiting for parcels arrive after online shopping. I think most quilt ladies prefer doing it right away once get inspired or seeing a beautiful quilt project.

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