3 Suggestions for Sewing Beginners

During the past over 2 years, most global companies are being affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic – we see many friends shop and dealer’s facebook frequently says ‘’ CLOSED this Week ‘’ and accept online orders only. But it seems not a total bad thing for we sewing & quilting enthusiasts, as then we have much more time stay at home for DIY projects. There is no necessary to go out everyday and it is a sweet time for we to do small sewing crafting tools and spend time with family & children. More and more girls and ladies had picked up their sewing machine and bought new sewing supplies again to make funny fabric face masks at home. Here we Kearing like to share some useful tips for you especially the beginners, hope it is helpful!

Always spend time to prepare

The more you learn from experienced tailors or fashion designers, the deeper feeling you will realize that sewing is really not an easy work. It is not as simple as just drawing straight line or curve lines on the paper and easy cut with a sewing machine. You would never know how much time you have to spend for choosing a suitable project, and adjusting the pattern design, choosing various of fabrics, cutting and marking fabric, ironing and everything else you need for a sewing project. Actually the most time we spent is indeed just the tracing, cutting, seam ripping, and figuring out what’s wrong with the machine, needle, tension. The real sewing is only the last step. Good preparation is always the most important thing!

Don’t be in a hurry

Always keep calm down and slowly during the whole sewing design process, you don’t need to finish everything in the quickest way – just remember this is not a competition in a limited time. Just make sure to do every step accurately such as the cutting, ironing, measuring and marking, etc, just learn to enjoy the process instead of seeking for a result. If you do the sewing designs always in a hurry, you would probably make mistakes or errors, most experienced designers never do cutting and sewing work on the same day, this is their key of success.

What really inspire our passion is we can learn fresh new things from sewing almost every day. No one can become a real master in a short time without practice! Once we start the journey of sewing, we should understand there are many new skills and knowledge to learn, to study and practice – there is no end in sewing even if you are already 80 years old!

As a sewing beginner, we suggest you to start with small simple projects, otherwise you will be feeling boring very quickly if you can not finish the project smoothly. It is OK if you are thinking of making a beautiful dress or a nice trousers, and it is surely you can do it some day in the future – but just not today. There is no necessary to focus on big project from early beginning, you can just get start of making small cut pillow or lovely cat toys – these types basic project will definitely give you huge courage once you make it out, then you can keep continue to do the next sewing tool and challenge a little bit more. It would be a shame if you gave up from beginning due to those complex project, so just calm down and don’t be in a hurry – do everything step by step, and never feel uncomfortable when facing with mistakes, they are here to make you stronger!

sewing beginners

Always test with fabric scraps

Use scraps to test fabric markers and the stitch length, width and thread tension on your machine. Some fabrics respond differently to some marking tools. You can wipe them off easily on one fabric and can’t remove them on the other. It’s tempting to jump right in, but it’s even better if your stitches look great on your new skirt and you don’t have to rip the crooked ones out.

It is always a necessary to prepare kinds of fabric scraps in your sewing box, you will need them to test the stitch length, width and thread tension during using the sewing machine. Different brand erasable fabric markers also shows different on different fabrics, some can be wiped off easily while some can not be erased, it is a smart step to test them one by one in advance in a fabric scrap. It is definitely a disaster when you find the marking lines can not be erased when you finally complete a dress after one week, so just be careful.

fabric scraps

Some useful sewing tools as recommendation for beginners:

  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing thread & needles
  • Sewing pins and a pin cushion
  • Tailor scissors
  • Erasable fabric marker
  • Measuring tape
  • Seam ripper & Tailor awl
  • Pattern notcher
  • Ironing board/mat
sew supplies

If you are an enthusiast for both sewing and quilting, I think the rotary cutter and cutting mat are also the must-to-have tools for most designing projects, the Kearing brand new A3 cutting mat and SKH-9 steel blade of rotary cutter is a nice choice as recommendation! Here is a Youtube for more:

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