10 Fabric Markers You Can Sell to Boost the Business

This blog we will show you 10 different fabric markers you can get from Kearing company, which are being selected from our best-selling fabric marker list in the past 5 years. Some of them are professional industry marking pens in sewing, quilting and crafting, while some of them are colorful markers for kids funny DIY drawing on T shirt, shoes, etc. All of them could be a good item to sell with ideal profit and boost your business!

1. Air Erasable Pens

air erasable pen

Kearing air erasable pens are also being well known as ” MAGIC PEN ”, it is mainly used for temporary marking on fabric and its ink will auto vanishing / disappear after a short time. You don’t need to wash or iron on it after comleting the sewing project, 2 colors for normal choice – violet & pink! Its annual sales quantity is huge, and widely being used by global factories, sewing studio, quilting classroom, fashion design schools, etc.

2. Water Erasable Pens

water erasable pen

Kearing water erasable pens’ function is similar like the air erasable pens, both of them are used for temporary marking on fabric. But water erasable pen’s markings will not disappear automatically, the colorful markings will stay on the fabric all the time until you wash it with a little bit water. It means you don’t need throw the fabric into laundry machine or wash it heavily with hand, the blue & white color markings can be cleaned with just a little bit water. You can find them in every sewing center, quilting shop, or crafting store!

3. Heat Erasable Pens


The heat erasable pens are also being widely selected by clients in sewing, quilting industries. It is a perfect alternative choice for enthusiasts who prefer to erase markings by heat ironing. The colorful markings will disappear when facing with high temperature. Sometimes they don’t want to wait a long time or wash the fabric with water, then just use the IRON on sewing table, it is convenient!

4. Cut Free Invisible Pencils


It is a pencil style heat erasable pen, you can easily pull thread upward to cut the outside wrapping, peeling the wrapping grid by grid, showing different pencil length according to personal habits. White color markings will instantly disappear by high temperature hot ironing, used for temporary markings on leather, clothing, footwear and other industries. The demands for this cut free invisible pencil is huge for India market!

5. Permanent DIY Fabric Markers

FM224 fabric marker
24 colors FM224

DIY fabric markers are colorful marking pens for DIY drawing on T shirts, caps, bags, or shoes, etc. It is very easy and convenient for funny drawing and a great way to inspire kids passion of imagination and express themselves. The fabric markers are non toxic water based ink, safe for kids and also with a range of vivid colors leaving clean lines with no bleeding. Kearing prepares 24 different colors for the permanent DIY fabric markers, once ironed, the permanent fabric pen’s ink won’t fade on most fabrics washed on cycles up to 60°C.

6. Washable DIY Fabric Markers


We also call non-permanent fabric markers the ‘’ Washable Marker ‘’, their inks can be easily removed by normal laundry. We have 10 different colors for this funny process: Color – Wear – Wash – Repeat ! This type fabric marker is perfect to use when sewing or a temporary image you wish to remove after you are done.

It is a great gift to sell together with kids DIY fabric face masks!

7. IRON ON Transfer Markers

TP212 sublimation marker
TP10 Kearing 0311

At the early begining of 21th Century, Kearing company successfully developed the inks for IRON ON Transfer Markers in Shanghai CHINA and now we have 12 regular colors & 6 fluorenscent colors as ready-to-ship stock! You can draw DIY designs on the white paper with the pens, and easily transfer onto fabric, mug, glass, wood or other materials by Hot Ironing. The transferred images is lightfast, waterproof, long-lasting and oxidation resistant. As one of the leading supplier in this niche industry, Kearing also has strong ability customize the inks’ color per clients’ requirement!

8. Wet Erasable Pens

WE20 kearing

When you want your message to stay put, use Kearing Wet Erase Markers. Ideal for writing on plastic, metal or PCB boards, the wet erase marker feature a water-based formula that stays in place until wiped clean using a damp cloth. The quick-drying ink resists fading and smearing, so you can leave your message up for as long as you need, and then erase it and start over again. Conform to ROHS, ASTM & EN71 quality standards.

9. Permanent UV Invisible Pens

UVP10 B 0923

The ink is invisible after you write with it, unless you use UV light to see the secret message perfectly.
Permanent markings for long time quality inspection and secret marking, suitable writing on textile, paper, plastic, wall, shoes, etc… Writings proof against normal washing or boiling. This style secret marking pens are widely being used by shoes factories worldwide.

10. Washable UV Invisible Pens

UV10 kearing

Same function as permanent UV invisible pens, while its ink is washable. You can write secret marking, wash, and re-mark! 1.0mm fiber tip and 0.5mm metal tip available for your choice! ASTM & EN71 approved!

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